Jasna L. Vinovrški is performer, choreographer, teacher and eternal student of life.

She grew up in Zagreb, Croatia but lived and worked abroad since the disintegration of Yugoslavia. At the beginning of the 90ties she studied in Essen, at the Folkwang Hochschule, and after her graduation she worked as dancer and performer for 12 years with various European choreographers (Groupe Dunes, J. Schömer, C. Sagna, O. Duboc, etc.). During that period she created her first shorter choreographies, from which the solo work “Which Club?” was awarded several times. in 2006 she received prestigious scholarship from the Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg in Stuttgart. After moving to Berlin in 2008, togeather with her partner Clement Layes, she founded the company Public in Private, where the two artists are until today developing separate choreographic signatures, but in the close artistic support to each other.
; https://www.facebook.com/publicinprivate/

In 2012 Jasna gains her MA degree in Choreography at the HZT University in Berlin. Short after she starts her PhD at the ATW University in Giessen, under the mentorship of Dr. Bojana Kunst. Her recent work Staying alive has been touring all over Europe, and in this year it will be also presented in New York, US. From 2014- 2017 she co-organised and co-curated an experimental art platform in Flutgraben Atelier house in Berlin (http://flutgraben.org/), called “3AM Event”.
; https://www.facebook.com/3am.event/