In form of talk show, lecture demonstration, or some interactive processing performance, “Under construction” is humorous, casual and open performance that joins series of self reflexive, self ironic and quoting projects who question the form of dance performance and position of dance artist. This raises some burning questions about the comprehensibility and the accessibility of recent dance productions, as well as the confidence of the author in the form.

© Iva Nerina Sibila,, 1. 6. 2009. (Zagreb Dance Week Festival)

“In most interesting domestic choreography under the title Under construction, choreographed by Jasna Vinovrški, whose potential gets realized as memory of formative dance performances from which Vinovrški shapes a net of quotations (from Pina Bausch until Vera Mantero)…..However, Jasna Vinovrški is ready to offer its audience her choreographic memory as an intentional re-composition and transfer, therefore she dares to touch “permeable” borders of creative imagination.”

Nataša Govedic, Zarez, 11.6.2009 (Zagreb Dance Week Festival)