The performance project BLIND DATE by and with Ayşe Orhon, Christina Ciupke, Clément Layes, Igor Dobričić, Jasna Vinovrški, and Litó Walkeyis testing alternative forms of collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

**Only a part, not the whole: **“Dears, by chance I opened the Oblique Strategies app on my phone. The first strategy that came up resonates with our project: Only a part, not the whole. A notion of blindness as a functional lack of comprehensive view. A logic of a “chance” encounter favoring coexisting plurality of perspective. An ecology of “multiple drafts” rather than a dramaturgy of a fixed score…”

Blind Date is an endeavor in which the fabric of collaboration, woven out of interactions between the artists, will become both a working method and a theme. How we design our internal relations will condition what we will share with the audience.In 2017 Berlin based choreographer and performer Christina Ciupke and Ayşe Orhon collaborated to develop the work At Close Distance. In 2018 Christina and (berlin based Choreographer and Perfomer) Jasna Vinovrški work together on the project Now and Then. Linking these two works, Ayse, Jasna and Christina considered engaging in a collaborative work in 2019. To expand the concept of collaboration and test alternative forms of knowledge sharing, each of them invited a close collaborator with whom an individual working relationship already exists: Jasna invites Clément Layes (choreographer and performer), Christina invites Igor Dobričić (dramaturge) and Ayşe invites Litó Walkey (choreographer and performer).