The Healers team is on a mission to detect and remove the problems, unresolved issues, emotional and energetic stagnations that might have been accumulating in the walls of the space where this performance takes place. In this case, Studio 1 at the premises of Uferstudios is under close examination: What history has this place, and how does it cope with its current function of the theater/performance space?

This production is a co-production between Public in Private company from Berlin and Studio contemporary dance company from Zagreb ( Initially two different “Healers” teams from Berlin and from Zagreb had to work together hand in hand on stage. Due to the corona crisis, the collaboration couldn’t take place as planned and the two teams will perform for now separately. However the work has been created and developed with both teams equally. Also the first draft of this work was made in close collaboration with Darko Dragičević, during the event series Flutgraben performances #1 in 2019 (