Jasna Vinovrški and Clément Layes have lived in Germany for over fifteen years. They have started a family and a production company here, they pay taxes, buy pretzels and falafel in stores around the corner, attend parent-teacher conferences at daycare and school, they develop, produce and present dance pieces and performances here. In 2021, they and their children received German citizenship. In September 2021, Jasna and Clément will vote in the Bundestag Election for the first time. For «Ich bin Tscheud» they have invited performance artist Florian Feigl as co-performer and dramaturge. From an autobiographical perspective, the trio asks which personal and cultural boundaries have been crossed by formally becoming German and which are still to be crossed. Together they examine what resonances Germany triggers in them and look for strategies that test less exclusive approaches to citizenship and nationality, The interim result of their research: “Germany” is an insufficient, unconvincing and partly threatening concept. “Tscheudland”, “tscheudisch” on the other hand - almost German, so much like German - is fluid, inviting and inspiring.