Host: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Guest: Apples, which I cut very small and I put some cereals on top…

Host: What’s your biggest fear?

Guest: That I stand still and grow stiff without noticing it.

Host: Could you describe your show in one word?

Guest: Here.

This is a Talkshow, live, on a theatre stage. Two performers experimenting
with this shifted format, the different modes of representation, presence,
attention and reception that it enables and constraints at the same time.
Between public and private. Between the mediated liveness of television and
the one-on-one liveness of theatre.

But within the usual interview situation, the audience witnesses increasing
moments of rupture where time is stretched, with duration working like a
magnifying glass – focussing the attention to the here and now, to the present
moment that is being shared and created together with the audience.

“Live to tape” lays out structures of representation, interaction and
perception that prefigure our reception – in theatre and television as well as
in everyday life. Is what we see an emergent, spontaneous process or is it a
prescripted show?

With the support of HZT Master program Choreography, Ernst Busch Hochschule
and Cie Public in Private

Thanks to Irina Müller, Clement Layes, Elisabeth Molle, Zeina Hanna, Igor
Koruga and Johannes Wengel