“Modal verbs are the modes of being through which the Being lives itself.”

Giorgio Agamben

Modal verbs are playing a fundamental role in structuring our culture,
expressing modalities such as ability (can), necessity (must), permission
(may), obligation (should), contingency (might, could) etc. Although we are
using these words in a simple way, without giving much attention to it, those
words are in fact powerful operational devices. Not only as a matter of
speech, but in a very concrete and physical way, these words are shaping the
experience of ourselves - in different modes such as: to be possible, to be
necessary, to be forbidden, to be contingent and so on. At the border of
speech, language and physical articulation through the body, choreographer and
performer Jasna L. Vinovrski explores these different states of being in a
pure black-box setting.