In this production “Public in Private” confront the working methods of dance,
choreography and performance art with each other.

How much performance art can choreography bear? Is it possible to rehearse a
piece of performance art? Beyond the precisely executed concept or the
presentation of a choreography without a mistake – What is it that makes the
difference in a certain performance? The title UNDER CONSTRUCTION points
towards the process oriented approach of “Public in Private” which – as a very
important part of the project itself – is opened up to the audience as well.

The performance and the performance space are divided in two parts: Results
from the production process and rehearsals are presented in a first space, a
white cube / gallery environment. The following live part of the project
development takes place in a black box where every evening a new dancer will
dance the choreography. A dancer who meets the choreographer for the very
first time on stage and in front of the audience.

The question – What makes the difference in a certain performance? – will be
newly asked every evening – and possibly find a different answer every
evening. Thus the presence of the audience becomes another significant
extension of the experimental set up by “Public in Private” – now focusing on
a shared question of research between artists and audience, still Under

*each evening another dancer performs, and therfore each show is one time