Solo “Which Club? is continuation of the piece “Mittelwelle AFC” and it
questions further the bureaucracy and bureaucratic systems, this time in the
relationship with the profession of contemporary dancers.

As a main source I use personal experience of dancer Unita Gay Galiluyo who
during her last 5 years living in Europe, due to her Philippine origin,
experienced world of beurocracy from very close….In which club do you dance?
was one of the questions Unita Gay Galiluyo was asked after she named her
profession as a contemporary dancer, while applying for the visa at the UK


  • 11th Masdanza Conctemporary dance Festival, Gran Canaria 2006
    (3. Price for choreographie)
  • 9th Internationales solo tanz theatre festival, Stuttgart, 2005
    (1.price for interpretation, 2.price for concept)